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International Art of Jazz:

"...an energetic artist who has the ability to infect audiences with the excitement of his music."

Wayne Robins, Newsday:

"His playing was fast, lithe and imaginative..."

Stuart Troup, Newsday:

"Alexander is full of inventive patterns that don't diminish to flashiness."

Bill Kaufman, Newsday:

"...a group which cuts loose with enough good music to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth for traditional jazz."

Sunset News:

"The music transcended anything you can hear around here as well as most of what you can hear in most jazz rooms around the city..."

Southhampton Press:

"Ray Alexander playing fine jazz, tastefully, dazzlingly, lovingly."

Birmingham International Jazz Festival:

"A melodic, clear-toned player and attractive improviser...a sparkling soloist on vibes."

Evening Echo:

"The most exciting thing to happen on the Southend jazz scene for years!"

Brilliant Corners:

"These guys really swung it!"

Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal International:

"Straightahead no-nonsense swinging mainstream jazz...enjoyable solos and some slick ensemble work."

George Kanzler, 'N' All That Jazz:

"...consistently high level solo and ensemble playing."

What's On in London:

"...vibes player par excellence...a living legend...brilliant."


"This music's too good to miss."

New Jersey Jazz Society:

"...his vibes soaring, gliding and dancing"

Lee Davis, Jazz Critic:

"What a party!...jazz as it should be and rarely is."

Guild School Music & Drama:

"Legendary American vibes player extraordinaire."

NY Times:

"A veteran vibist with a lustrous sound of his own."

Procter Lippincott, NY Times:

"When he plays, the vibes are good!"

Jazz Times:

"...this musicians' musician has it all going for him...presented with professionalism par excellence."

The Jazz Rag:

"Alexander is an enthusiastic and creative performer...the vibes shimmering and effusive...sophisticated, swinging music"

No Name Jazz N.E.W.S.:

"...one of jazz's best kept secrets."


"Ray Alexander is a jazz treasure."

The Stage:

"...always impresses with the sheer gusto of his playing."

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